Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Drop!

Possibly the best time I've had in Vila yet....we even forgot where we were and just enjoyed the beauty of it all

Michael, Carla, Damien and Paul, plus two crazy (but safe) tour guides Troy & Zeak and their two histerically funny local crew Bennett and Freddie - went canyoning today at Mele. The best way to spend any Sunday and especially Father's Day.

So much to say...but I think the picture says enough...the dot in the middle with the white shirt and blue helmet is me.

All I remember is thinking "oh my god am I really doing this and then I was at the bottom." It was over too I will have to do this 55 metre drop again!

After the big drop, known as the secret waterfall, we went down a series of smaller ones, each one more slippery than the one before.

We ended up in a beautiful cave. Great stuff!

I was still buzzing with pride when we finally got home!

nearly there

The Pro!

Michael shows us how its done in style!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Rubbish & Reasoning

At 6am last Monday we awoke to the sight and smell of scattered rubbish all over our complex steps.

It was interesting becasue in Australia when this happens there are 2 minutes noodle packets, bread wrappers and lots of boxes....

In Vanuatu....coconut shells, taro peel and heaps of raw things....

I just thought that was funny enough to share with you!

The other funny thing was that it took 2 days for the culprit (who ever didn't tie the bag up better) to clean it up. I would have done it, but was interested in using it as a social experinment.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


This was "erected" when recent renovations were made to the supermarket in town.

I am not sure what it means....but it certainly seems odd to me..

Do you have any thoughts?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another month goooooneee

Oh my can certainly tell the activities of the Jubilee are it has been a month since my last blog!

I meant to post a picture of our weekend but the Buzz site seems to be out of action for the just a quick note to say I am still here and while I have the flu...after just recovering from one...I am still looking out for interesting tid bits to tell you about.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Float Parade

Monday the 25th of July saw the opening of Tourism Week in Vanuatu as well as the beginning of the 25th anniversary of Indipendence.

I was fortunate, or unfortunate enough as I found out later, to get a ride on Air Vanuatu's float, along with Miss Talent and Miss Friendship-the two Miss vanuatu contenders sponsored by Air Vanuatu.

The ride started out well as we rode along waving. Fifteen minutes into the parade the skies opened up and we were saturated by monsoonal rain. The two beauty queens handled it in style and kept smiling.

Congratulation's for Air Vanuatu as their float, designed to look like the 737, took out third prize!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Miss Vanuatu Tourism Crowned

Tears as Miss Vanuatu Tourism 2005 Crowned

By Meagan Patroni

It was a night full of glamour with a line up of stars such as Vanessa Quai and the Vanuatu Idols. Audience members were glued to their seats until midnight, to see 22-year-old Glenda Laban crowned Miss Vanuatu Tourism 2005.

Runner up, Moana Korikalo, 20, was crowned Miss Vanuatu Independence.

The competition turned up a notch since Monday's display.

Finalists marched confidently down the catwalk in their custom costumes, island dresses, swimwear and evening gowns.

As it got down to the final six contestants each were asked questions about tourism in Vanuatu. Told to answer in English some of the contestants struggled. Two stood out speaking with passion, they were the inevitable winners.

But according to the General Manager of the Vanuatu Tourism Office, Linda Kalpoi, everyone was a winner . She went on to announce that all of the entrants had won 46,000 vatu from an anonymous Australian donor.

Contestants also received vouchers for a full body massage from judge Christine Hamilton. However the audience was most anxious to see the titles handed-out.

For showing kindliness to others throughout the competition Priscella Thieul, 18, won the title of "Miss Friendship".

Blue-eyed beauty Karen Kalsakau, 22, won "Best in Swimwear".

Title of "Best Island Dress" went to Patricia Kabukai, 26.

Alima Garae, 22, was titled "Best Talent".

The award for "Best Kustom Dress" went to Juanita Tarilama, 21.

Club Vanuatu Manager and organiser of the event Beverley Teklic thanked everyone for their support and opened the event explaining that a women's beauty is inspirational, referring to Leonardo Di Vinci's creation of the Mona Lisa.

Herself hoping to inspire, Miss Teklic said the event was a "celebration of beauty, pageantry and Melanesian pride." Swamped with congratulations on a job well done, several audience members asked for the pageant to be held again next year.

With 100, 000 vatu donated to the children's ward of Vila Central Hospital and the winner taking home a return ticket to the Gold Coast with $1000 AU spending money, there is sure to be more women lining up for the opportunity in 2006.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Miss Vanuatu Tourism 2005

"This is the 21st Century of beauty pageantry where we celebrate women who are assertive, confident and actualised." Announced Beverley Teklic, in response to negative claims made about Miss Vanuatu Tourism 2005.

Indeed confident and assertive, the twelve contestants of the pageant strutted their stuff on Monday evening, showing they are the new generation of Ni-Vanuatu women, unafraid of being seen for both their inner and outer beauty.

Ranging from 18 to 26 years old, the women came from all over Vanuatu to express their love and pride to promote Vanuatu as a tourist destination.

Explaining her pride Moana Korikalo said "God made us beautiful just like our country."

After an anxious thirty-minute wait the Club Vanuatu auditorium was packed with friends and family of the contestants, as well as people curious to see what all the fuss was about.

The audience was delighted with decorations and a purpose built stage. Nine judges lined the sides of the catwalk for the best vantage point from which to score the contenders. The women were graded on their dress, confidence, public speaking abilities and overall demeanour.

During the second half of the show many of the women expressed their passion for the culture and customs of Vanuatu through dance in the talent section.

Dalida Phillip performed a traditional dance from Ambae accompanied by a full costume and makeup.

Wearing a large colourful Island Dress Patricia Kalpukai danced up and down the catwalk to the popular Island Dress song. It was a definite crowd pleaser as was Glenda Laban's dance to 'Paradise Blong Me'.

Alma Garae displayed her talent for crocheting, showing hand made table clothes and rugs. She said, "Many women can crochet and then sell their goods at the market. It is not just for older women, everyone can do it."

With bilingual song, Melanesian and Polynesian dance and assertive speeches the twelve pageant entrants displayed their diverse background and way of life. The event was a delight for both tourists and locals, proven by applause and loud cheers.

The final will be held on Saturday the 23rd at Club Vanuatu.

By Meagan Patroni